SmartBeacon-Network is an innovative new technology concept that has embraced the Physical Web and BeaconĀ  for bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to reality. Bringing people and devices together to merge the offline to online worlds, our vision is to help bring the next wave of a disruptive technology to our clients, enabling them to take advantage of proximity notifications, proximity geo-location, micro-location, information sharing and achieving real-time analytics on visitor behavior.

Our expert team of technologists are highly trained and knowledgeable on the Physical Web and Beacon technology. With the Physical Web no App solution, Physical Web Free App or with our iBeacon App and backend-as-a-service Control Management Service dashboard, we deliver to our clients the state of the art solution that is tailor made to your individual requirements. Our team is available to offer advise, design, implementation and configuration solutions.

Please contact us for any queries you may have as well as for a free no obligation quote.