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About Physical Web And beacon notifications

bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to Reality - Connecting the Physical to Online

The Physical Web is a physical approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations.
Walk up and interact with anything from customers as they pass by or are in your location at the right time and right place.

We have the Physical Web Platform and the Beacons.
Most businesses don’t have the platform, they simply need a partner. SmartBeacon-Network has the knowledge and experience working with the Physical Web platform that enables businesses to start immediately.

SmartBeacon-Network is an innovative new technology concept that has embraced iBeacon and the Physical Web together for bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to reality. By bridging the gap between people and devices together to merge the offline to online worlds, our vision is to help bring the next wave of a disruptive technology to our clients.

walk up to something and be notified


A new customer experience


The potential to increase FootFall


delivery of real-time browsing


customer usage Analytics


Images, Video, PDF, URL, Physical web


the Physical Web and the internet of things

what is Physical Web, IoT, and iBeacons

What is SmartBeacon-Network

bridge the Gap between the Physical World and Online World with iBeacons

URL link

Use your website link that you want to broadcast to the physical web. You can use any web URL and add a title, description, icon and emoji. Details such as visitor analytics (number of clicks) can be obtained.

a tap away

Walk up and interact with any object -- a parking meter, a toy, a poster -- or location -- a bus stop, a museum, a store, an event or exhibition, instore, in a mall -- without installing an app first. Interactions are only a tap away.

Push Notifications

The beacon might broadcast the URL of a web page that implements push notifications. For example, a restaurant could create a queuing application to alert customers when their table is ready (thereby replacing its LED buzzers!). Users can open the queuing web application, take a “digital spot” in line, and get a notification when their table is ready:

Running Campaigns

Running Campaigns instore, in shopping malls, in museums, at theme parks, open area events, etc with our iBeacon and Physical Web solution. Campaigns enable Businesses to engage directly with their customers and increase sales and customer retention.

Info Page

The beacon might broadcast a URL that points to a page with relevant information. For example, a movie poster could point to a page with the movie's trailer and showtimes. An identifier for the movie poster's location can be encoded into the broadcasted URL such that the webpage can filter for theatres nearby.

Swarm Page

Several beacons are placed into a space that is too large to be covered by a single beacon, and each broadcasts exactly the same URL. The user’s mobile device will de-duplicate URLs and only show one listing on the user’s device. For example, a mall could use this technique to cover a large space and surface its interactive map.

Physical Web beacon use cases

whatever the industry Physical Web and Beacons will work for you

showcase products

give customers all the info they need to make the purchase

events and exhibitions

let visitors learn more about your amazing exhibits and be informed at events


Interactive games, scavenger hunts, movie trailers, etc.


Deliver rich educational or historical information at schools, museums, special events, etc.

Rewards and Inentives

Rewards for action. Think coupons, specials, prizes.

Real-time information

open/close times, schedules, alerts, shopping malls floor plans, events and exhibition feedback, direction, interactions with each other.

Our Cloud Based iBeacon App Solution

Our objective is to provide a simple and powerful admin solution. That’s why we have made it:

  • cloud-based
  • simple
  • always available
  • Beacon Management

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