Smartbeacon network And beacon notifications

Bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to Reality - Connecting the Physical world to Online world

SmartBeacon Network is a physical approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects, locations and consumers.
Walk up and interact with anything from customers as they pass by or are in your location at the right time and right place.

We have the Proximity Platform APP and the Beacons.
Most businesses don’t have the platform, they simply need a partner. SmartBeacon Network has the knowledge and experience working with the Proximity platforms that enables businesses to start immediately be it Retail, Events, Car Showrooms, Hotels, etc...

SmartBeacon Network is an innovative new technology concept that has embraced Beacons and the Physical Web together for bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to reality. By bridging the gap between people and devices together, to merge the offline to online worlds, our vision is to help bring the next wave of a disruptive technology to our clients.

walk up to something and be notified


A new customer experience


The potential to increase FootFall


delivery of real-time browsing


customer usage Analytics


Images, Video, PDF, URL, Physical web


What is SmartBeacon-Network

Bridging the Gap between the Physical World and Online World with Beacons

Custom templates

Your template is created by a SmartBeacon Network app designer so that it reflects your needs and brand.

React Native speed

Offering smooth transitions and fast performance across multiple devices and platforms, SmartBeacon Network is the perfect platform for your app.

GPS, Beacon & Eddystone

SmartBeacon Network APP supports GPS location services and Bluetooth BLE so that you can deliver content based on the app users exact location

Push Notifications

Use GPS locations or physical beacon devices to tigger automated push notifications users when they are nearby. Or manually send push notifications.

Real-time app Updates

SmartBeacon Network CMS is used to create and amend content, then see changes in the app within seconds - changes are published only when you're ready!

Multi-layered content

Our structure of 'Collections' and 'Cards' lets you build up layers of micro-content in your app which can be assigned to different locations or physical beacon spaces


Our apps work with or without connectivity. Content can be wrapped up in the app to work offline, or can be downloaded via Wifi/3G on the go.

Visibility rules

Choose exactly who sees what where and when. Use the platform's in-built visibility rules to hide/trigger content and to schedule content visibility by time or date.

Link with Slack

Using our Slack integration module you can publish to your app directly from a Slack channel, stream a channel's content into your app, chat to app users and more

Multimedia & widgets

SmartBeacon Network iOS and Android apps support most file formats so you can create some really amazing content which is automatically converted for you. Audio, video, web-links, widgets, pdf are all supported.

App analytics

Learn more about your users and how they interact with your app via the SmartBeacon Network app analytics screens. These are web-based and can be linked to your Google Analytics account.

Hardware Supply & Setup

SmartBeacon Network can provide you with indoor and outdoor beacons suitable for every project, and help you to get them setup with an onsite visit.

SmartBeacon APP and Beacon Senarios

whatever the industry SmartBeacon Network APP and Beacons will work for you

showcase products

give customers all the info they need to make the purchase

events and exhibitions

let visitors learn more about your amazing exhibits and be informed at events


Interactive games, scavenger hunts, movie trailers, etc.


Deliver rich educational or historical information at schools, museums, special events, etc.

Rewards and Inentives

Rewards for action. Think coupons, specials, prizes.

Real-time information

open/close times, schedules, alerts, shopping malls floor plans, events and exhibition feedback, direction, interactions with each other.

Our Cloud Based Beacon App Solution

Our objective is to provide a simple and powerful admin solution. That’s why we have made it:

  • cloud-based
  • simple
  • always available
  • Beacon Notifications

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